Episode: 02

In Episode: 02, we go back to the founding topic of the first wiki - Christopher Alexander's pattern language. In this episode we plan a conversation about patterns, what they are, what they mean to different groups, and what we can do with them in this time of crisis.

# Feedback from Episode: 01

We will make available and show if there is interest the work we have done from Episode: 01. We will mainly be concentrating on sound, so maybe, hopefully, if lucky wee will showcase the first steps to creating the soundscape that we are designing for the wikimentary.

http://wikimentary.tv/assets/wiki_jingle_test.mp4 Here is the first test of a jingle. It's work in progress. Thanks to Matt Kudersky for all the great work!

# Who to invite?

We will do our best to invite a small and varied audience. This is not an event we intend to market, we are not going for scale. We are looking for good people in the conversation, and in particular at this stage of the project people who were there at the start.

We also want to invite people people from the conversation community, and individuals and groups interested in knowledge graphing and visualisation. We won't be able to reach everyone we would like. This is an informal gathering not an "event' - which we grow slowly based on who turns up.