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On this site we explore issues to do with wiki and in particular the Wikimentary project that is currently underway to create an interactive documentary about the history and future of wiki.

You can view the page with the roster on which gets stored by the transport server here

We film this documentary at monthly gatherings, and we weave the recordings, interviews, and writing around the knowledge ledger, and media software we produce together. We don't have a schedule, we don't have a road map. When it is ready to discuss we show it - each month.

Wikimentary Monthly Gathering DATE Wednesday TIME 18:00 FOR 60 minutes ALSO Europe/London ALSO Europe/Berlin ALSO US/Pacific HERE

# Episode: 01

We started on wiki's birthday. March 25th 2020. Wiki was born 25 years ago on that date. We gathered a crew of people from that time to wish wiki well, and begin a discussion of her future.

From the material that we gathered at that event, we have been working on a sound composition, created a few initial sound mixes, and a jingle. All work-in-progress.

We have started follow up 1:1 interviews, and designed the conceptual space for the interactive documentary. We are Working on software, and look to start reaching out to artists, documentary makers, writers and musicians with an interest in this space. We've assembled a small crew.

# Episode: 02

In Episode: 02, we go back to the founding topic of the first wiki - Christopher Alexander's pattern language. In this episode we plan a conversation about patterns, what they are, what they mean to different groups, and what we can do with them in this time of crisis.

The conversation will take place live on Earth Day, this coming Wednesday - 18:00 London Time. If that time does not work for you we, the core team will help organise a time that suits your gathering. We take the day.

In Episode:02 we will play some sounds, and organise facilitated breakouts. Bring your own subjects. We'll present some conversational patterns that date back to the birth of wiki, and ask the question where have we come since then?

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